Next Exhibition : from 01/08/17 to 14/08/17 in SARLAT (Dordogne)

Claudine Button-Courdoisy was born in 1955 in Pays de la Loire, France.

At the beginning, her professional journey haven’t been oriented towards painting, it was during her artistic encounters that the desire to paint was born.

After working with renowned painters in southern France, in particular with Jacques Méou, she began by painting pieces of work that represents landscapes and undergrowth (her first favorite theme), always focusing on the light.

The flowers arrived some years later, especially the poppies that will deeply inspire her.

Their strength and fragility will influence her to create a colourful, atypical and timeless collection. Her paintings, mainly based on polyptychs, are courageously original and contemporary. The projections, as well as the colors worked on flat tint, structure the painting and provide the energy. Made of impasto and the effects of matter, it reflects the joy of living and the optimism of the artist.

Claudine Button-Courdoisy lives in the town of Sarlat in Dordogne, France. She is registered in La maison des artistes, a professional organization with the accreditation given by the french government.